Hikvision 8 channel 2mp 1080p turbo combo



Eight 8 1080p 2mp full hd cctv cameras security surveillance complete system kit package set up sales the package includes: 1 set of high quality turbo hd eight channels 1080p 2mp full hd digital video recorder (dvr machine). 8 pieces of genuine high quality turbo hd 1080p 2mp full hd ir cctv cameras indoor and outdoor with night vision (dome and bullet) internet enabled cameras 3.1 piece of western digital,seagate or hitachi hard drive or hard disk or cameras recording memory 4.1 set of 4 ports 5 amperes centralized cctv power supply box unit 5. rogers or siamese or coaxial two-in-one rg 59 signal and power cctv cameras cable roll 10 bnc and dc jack power connectors 7.labour or workmanship and 17 inch computer monitor not included here


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